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Phone: 1-786-705-8595
Address: Miami, FL

Coupon Codes

$20 off New Clients: LETSDETOX

$50 Off for 2+ Orders of 3-7 Day Detox Plans: 50DETOX

786-705-8595 Nation Wide Shipping Available!

Safe & Natural Cleanse

We believe in using quality ingredients in order to provide you with the best results!

Our drinks are all natural made with raw greens & fruits that are packed with nutrients and fiber!

How Does It Work

For the next few days we are going to help you jump-start your health routine with a quick and effective Juice Cleanse!

Select Your Detox Plan

Each day you will consume: 1 SoFlo Wellness Shot, 5 Smoothies, 5 Waters 1 Lime and 1 Bed Time Tea.

We Deliver To You

Next day delivery is available in all of South Florida. Not in South Florida? No worries we also ship nation wide via USPS Priority Mail! (Currently not available due to shipping delays. Should be available approx June/July 2020)


To keep Looking Good and Feeling Better be sure to repeat every 1-3 months!

Detox Benefits

SoFlo's Detox Juices is packed with a whole lot of vitamins and antioxidants that are aimed to help clean your body from the inside out!

✅ Strengthen Immune System
✅ Promote Healthy Skin
✅ Boost Energy Levels
✅ Supports Digestion
✅ Reduces Body Fat

Our Customers Love Us.

Here are a few reasons why.

Sometimes you’re just in need of a DETOX ✨⠀

Jessica / @jessicagem / Model & Trainer

As always my experience with @soflodetox has been incredible and so rewarding. Not only did I lose 5 pounds in just 2 days but the quarantine bloat is gone haha 😅 Thank you @soflodetox for making cleansing so easy to do 🤙🏼” – @jessicagem

Challenging BUT WORTH IT!

Daniel Barrios / @dannyphanum / Professional Tennis Coach/ Model

Honestly it was more of a challenge than I thought it would be but everything worth it comes with sacrifice. I dropped 11 pounds in 3 days. The best part was that my energy was never low and I coach in the sun 7 hours a day plus hit the gym everyday. My stomach doesn’t feel bloated anymore and my skin feels great. I recommend this to anybody looking for a kick start to losing weight. Thank you guys for your amazing service!

These tiny little bottles have an amazing juicy kick!

Natalia / @_vargasxoxo

Hey guys! So I started drinking @soflodetox’s NEW Immunity Shots!

These tiny little bottles have an amazing juicy kick to them because they have ginger, turmeric, lemon, orange & cayenne pepper! But there soooooo good! 🤤

I have to keep my immune system strong to fight this virus! WE ALL DO! Let’s keep staying safe and pray for each other and hope this is all over soon. 🙏🏼” – @_vargasxoxo

Let’s talk WILL POWER! Much needed reset!⠀

Jessica / @jessicagem / Model & Trainer

3 day juice cleanse ⭐️⁣ I thought this thing was going to be easy-peasy.. boy was I wrong 😂 I never felt overwhelming hungry but seeing people eat and drink what they pleased, while I only drank juice & water for 3 days, was quite the challenge!⁣⠀
⁣⠀But I feel very accomplished in saying that I pushed through and did the damn thing. I feel more motivated than ever to dive into a life of healthier choices ✨⁣ Thank you @soflodetox for the much needed reset 🤍 #juicecleanse #detox #bodyandmind” – @amanda.marie.pinto

No solo corporal, también sino mental!

Claudia / @claudiagpaz / Photographer & Event Planner

Hoy comencé un detox con @soflodetox . Estos jugos están riquísimo como si los hubiera echo yo 💚🌱🥬✅ El detox No solo corporal, también sino mental. Yo he comenzado a trabajar y me ha costado estarme tranquila un rato. Pero lo mejor es acompañado a los jugos, le sumes tranquilidad mental. . “ – @claudiagpaz

Thank you again for the yummy juices!

Isabella / @isabella_garofanelli / Social Media + Branding Coach

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay beautiful 💕 – @isabella_garofanelli

As a certified nutrition specialist I approve of the products from SoFlo Detox!

Eddie / @eddiefitnessofficial / Certified Nutrition Specialist

It hasn’t been easy but knowing that what I am doing to myself is more rewarding than any meal can be. I know food is considered an addiction but this is where your mental capacity overcomes your physical capacities of temptation especially during quarantine. What a significant differences, I feel great, I am rejuvenated and my skin feels replenished! 🌴✅💪“ – @eddiefitnessofficial

Brother I loved it! I lost 12 pounds

Jito / @jorgecanela.jr

The greatest wealth is health ⚡️  – @jorgecanela.jr


Eddie @eddiefitnessofficial / Master Trainer /Cartel Crew on VH1 Celebrity

Every season I reset, reprogram, fast & detox. This quarter I tried out my people over at @soflodetox to say the least, I’m impressed! I look great, feel better & lost over 10 lbs in excess bloating, water retention and glycogen just to name a few. This is the best way to start any fitness or nutrition regimen!

Incredible & Delicious

Stefania Ruiz / @stefaru25 / Published Model

As a personal experience I can say that I feel incredible! During the detox process I did not feel hungry, no headache, not exhausted, on the contrary I feel like my body thanked me for going through this process! I lost 5lbs in 3 days & no longer feel my stomach bloated! The taste of drinks? Delicious! After an amazing experience with @soflodetox I highly recommend SoFlo Detox!

I’m loving the way my body looks & how strong my mindset has gotten!

Aimee / @shewillift / Personal Trainer

A pure life, starts with a pure body 🌱🦋 @soflodetox

Super grateful to have had the opportunity to try the 2 day detox from @soflodetox. I’m on day 2 today, and so far I’m loving the way my body looks & how strong my mindset has gotten. 6 months ago I made a decision to go Vegan & I’ve never felt more centered in life. Being that I’m vegan, this detox has been a breeze for me. I highly recommend it if any of you need a little reset during this quarantine.

Made a promise to myself that I won’t live in denial anymore. We constantly put so many harsh chemicals in our bodies, hormones, & then we wonder why so many people are getting sick. Why our babies are coming out with so many issues. I want a pure healthy baby & it starts with me! If you want to live a pure life, it all starts with what you feed your body with. Food turns into energy & that’s the energy that you give out to the universe. If you want to be great, think great in ALL aspects. STOP ignoring the truth. The truth alwayssss comes to light. Life is beautiful. Life is meant to be lived with purpose. Always embrace who you are and love with all that you got. The world needs it 🌎🍃🦋” – @shewillift

A True Detox Plan!

Jarumi / @jaru_telles / Herbalife Coach

I want to thank you guys because I thought I would of not gotten through the 3 Day detox but I did! 🎉 I felt a lot more energy at the gym 💪 loved the fact that the staffs at @soflodetox gave me major support to keep going. I saw major improvement on my abdominal area. 😊 I was bloated and noticed within the first day of doing the detox I wasn’t as bloated. This is an amazing treatment to detox all the nasty food we are eating, all the toxins and excessive fat that stays within the walls of our intestines. I truly recommend anyone who is need of a detox to give it try, you will not be disappointed. 🙌” @jaru_telles

I feel full of energy!⠀

Sonia / @sonia__aranda

I feel full of energy and for me it’s important because I’m in my 50’s and suffer MS’s – so all the gluten free and healthy ingredients are not only good for my body but also my health!” – @sonia__aranda

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